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Parent Testimonial

Shaping Masterpieces is a God-send! After our son was diagnosed with autism we began to hearing all the horror stories in public school not knowing how to react and relate to their special needs children. We are so grateful to the amazing team at Shaping Masterpieces. Their well trained and passionate team effectively teach and care for children with special needs. Along with the support from O’connel behavior therapy they are able to provide before and after care for working parents. As a parent of a special needs child this is another component of this amazing experience with Shaping Masterpiece that is extremely hard to find.

Shaping Masterpieces help you feel hope for your child and comfort knowing your special needs child can have a happy and effective education experience.

Shaping Masterpieces is an amazing opportunity for our autistic son. He absolutely loves learning but with limited verbal communication as well as behaviors such as running off we were very worried about finding a good fit. The staff for Shaping Masterpieces is very understanding as well as innovative in teaching and working with autistic children. They are doing a great job of responding to the needs of our son. His learning has expanded and it feels great being able to have him in a social environment as well as an educational environment.

Shaping Masterpieces has done it! They have incorporated both educational goals as well as the extremely necessary social interaction and physical exercise for children with autism and special needs. Our son has benefited immensely from having this amazing education. He is able to get everything in one place which enables him to learn socially, and academically. As a child who is a sensory seeker and “elopes” or runs off our son is happy at Shaping Masterpieces with the great team and whole child program that they incorporate into the educational experience. It’s not just about locks and alarms on the doors, it’s suxh a blessing having a school who really gets it and makes the experience one he is able to relate to and participate in.

-Susana and Julio

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