Shaping Masterpieces

Extended Care Available

Monday- Friday

4-8 Daily

Parked School Buses
Girl in Class

Shaping Masterpieces is offering a valuable service for Shaping Masterpiece students as well as OBS clients. We all understand that we have last minute tasks at home or work that keep us from being able to pick up our child at the end of School or therapy.


This service will be offered at a flat rate of $15 per day. It will be staffed with knowledgeable staff to provide a safe environment. This staff member will provide supervision on site at Shaping Masterpieces. However, the staff member is not a therapist or teacher so treatment goals or educational goals will not be addressed during this time.


If you are more than five minutes late for pick up (OBS or Shaping Masterpieces) , we will kindly deliver your child to this service and your pre-established account will be charged. It is best if you can let a staff member know at drop off or e-mail us that your child will be attending Extended care.


If you would like more information in regards to this program or specifics on how to enroll your child, please contact Jacki Haar or email